Third Annual Western States GSR Rally
July 10 - 14, 2008
Yosemite Valley, California
Washoe Valley, Nevada


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The Roster So Far

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Name GSR Username City & State Bike Riding Style Notes
Bruce renobruce Washoe Valley, NV 78 GS1000, 85 GS1150 Moderate Come have some fun! 
Tom Tom MLC San Jose, CA 80 GS1100E Brisk All roads lead to Yosemite/Washoe Valley! 
Hap Call Hap Call Newport Beach, Ca Green 2001 Kawasaki ZRX1200R Acceleration Junkie I will not be wearing a thong! 
steve fatkid89704 washoe valley,nv. 87 yamaha fz700r blue&white Wobbler i just hope i can keep up with tom and the other guys. 
Daniel Graves Salty_monk Redondo Beach, CA Blue, 1980 Suzuki GS1000G Brisk  
John Mason jskellington San Leandro, CA 1978 GS1000 burgundy Moderate Reno Bruce rocks! 
Keith Krause Keith Krause So. Calif. Black, '07 Kawasaki ZX14. Moderate  
Kent Skeen kent Cameron Park, Ca. blue 82 GS1100GL Acceleration Junkie  
Sandy Oates Sandy Cranbrook, BC Canada Black '79 GS1000N Wobbler Where did you say Yosemite was??? 
Rob Bennett RobGS850L Isleton, Ca. You kidding? I've got 4. Moderate  
PJ 80GS1000 SLC, UT 1980 GS1000E Corner Carver  
Bill Rea chef1366 Bakersfield, California 80 GS1100L Acceleration Junkie Look out guys. Been busy. 
Charlotte charsgs's Reno, NV hmmm which one shall I bring? 78 or 79? Sightseer Heck yeah I cant wait!!!! 
Donald Kane QuaiChangKane Riverbank, CA Blue 1983 Suzuki GS750ESD Brisk  
Bill wtsmith Folsom, CA White/Blue 1980 GS1000ST Suzuki Cruiser Used to be fast, now I'm just half-fast. 
Chris Hanners burningdead Sacramento, Ca black 79 GS1000 Moderate yosemite, possibly washoe 
Laszlo ThirstyHungarian Reno, NV 1982 Yamaha Virago 750 Wobbler  
bill holderby mobldj moreno valley ca 1984 gs1150es and wifes 1998 honda shadow Moderate wife might tag along 
bill holderby mobldj moreno valley ca 1984 gs1150es blue Moderate wifeys ridin,dont let her pass you 
Jeff J_C Marina del Rey, CA Charcoal 1980 GS1100L Brisk  
Dan Ruddock Dan Ruddock Palmdale, Ca. 79 GS1000E black with blue strips Moderate Can't wait. 
Jim Moore Posplayr Santa Barbara CA Red 1983 Suzuki GS1100ED Cruiser pulling the brute togethr for the trip 
Dave daveo carmichael, ca  Wobbler  
Justin Weber computronic2040 Reno, NV '79 GS425 Wobbler  
Fred Bowen amflyer Vancouver Wa. Blue 1982 GS 1100G Moderate  
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